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The Wilbur Wright Middle School Guidance Department, teachers, administrators and other staff are ready to support WWMS students throughout their three years of middle school. The Guidance Department consists of two teams, one for each half of the alphabet. Each team consists of an administrator, a school counselor and a social worker. All members of the department are dedicated to offering an open door atmosphere for both students and faculty.

Scheduling Resources by Grade Level

The three years of middle school are an exciting part of your educational journey! The choices you make now can lead to successful and enjoyable careers and experiences later in life. Students and their families should put time and thought into their school schedule each year. Be sure to use the resources here to explore the course offerings available to help you develop your academic strengths, personal interests and career dreams and goals!

Additional Resources

A-K Team

Nikki Laird
Assistant Principal
219.836.6260 ext. 2215

Julie Atkinson
School Counselor
219.836.6260 ext. 2212

Trisha Keown
Social Worker
219.836.6260 ext. 2206

L-Z Team

Victor Torres
Assistant Principal
219.836.6260 ext. 2223

Lindsay Grunewald
School Counselor
219.836.6260 ext. 2250

Cathy Kowalczyk
Social Worker
219.836.6260 ext. 2214

Guidance Secretary

Carol Aerts
219.836.6260 ext. 2211