According to state legal standards each school is required to conduct:

One tornado-preparedness drill each semester

manmade occurrence drill each semester; and

spontaneous fire drills at lease once a month when school is in session.

Tornado-preparedness drill procedures:

Tornado drill “alarm” is announced over the PA system

Students proceed to their assigned shelter area.

Directions to designated secure areas are posted in each classroom.

Students are instructed to practice a “duck and cover” position until they hear an “all clear”.

All School Town of Munster buildings have emergency weather radios that announce warnings from the National Weather Service in the event of any severe weather conditions.

The Munster Fire Department coordinates various emergency preparedness initiatives including a Lightning Prediction System and an Emergency Warning System coordinated in conjunction with WGN.  This system alerts the public to school closings and tornado warnings.

Man-made occurrence drill procedures:

Lockdown and code Red drills are announced over the PA system.

Lockdown procedures are used when we need the halls cleared.  All students need to report to a classroom and remain inside the building.

Code Red procedures are used in emergency situations when the safety of all students is a concern.

In a lockdown, teachers lock their doors and can continue with normal classroom routine.  Students will remain in that classroom until the lockdown is cancelled.

Lockdowns may be used in the event of some situation occurring outside the building or may be used if halls simply need to be cleared due to some situation in the hallways (injured student, a spill, etc.)

Code Red Procedures are used in the event of an unsafe situation inside the building.  It consists of moving all students to a secure classroom location and out of sight for all hallways and windows.  Students remain quiet and hidden until the Code Red is cancelled.

No visitors are allowed to enter or exit the building during a Lockdown or Code Red.

The Munster Police Department monitors and supervises Lockdown and Code Red drills in each of the elementary buildings.  So the presence of the Munster Police is NOT an indication of any immediate danger.  They work with our staffs to assure the effectiveness of our drills.